Monday, 15 July 2013

Summer is making me lazy

Hello again! It's one month since I posted anything, and this is largely because 
a) I have been working on secrets, 
b) I have been doing lots of work out of the studio, 
c) I went to Barcelona and ate lots of food, 
but mainly due to 
d) We are having some kind of heat wave in Edinburgh so I am enjoying it while it lasts.

But I have a few things to say so here we are...

The Sick Kids hospital has been a busy place for working in, although luckily there aren't too many actual sick kids just now. Linda and I decided to make the most of the quiet times and visit the outpatients waiting areas and all the other usually busy places, and we took with us a hand stitched (by Linda) book for the kids to contribute one page to a continuous story. Here is one page which I especially like.

Here is a picture of one of our library workshops. We are there twice a month in the library of the Sick Kids which I think is on the second floor. You don't have to be a patient to attend as we see here. If you are interested in writing and/or drawing, come along! The dates are fairly random but I will try to remember to announce upcoming ones. The next one is on July 26th and they are always 2-3pm.

I keep trying to keep sketchbooks because they are ace, but I keep forgetting them. But last week I remembered, and now I have these pages of utter genius sketches (not really). These drawings have amazingly come in handy though. I like to look at sketchbooks so hopefully you do too!

It seems like an age since I started this book but it really isn't, and now IT IS FINISHED!!! Grandpa and Lollipop and the Christmas Baby will be hitting the shops in time for Christmas!
Here are two bits of it. One is the cover and the other is just a funny picture of Grandpa.

Well I think that's all. I am also working on a Wizard book, and have some other things in the pipe(book)line so I will mention those as they happen. I am really just thinking about having a nap now...

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