Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Update on loads of things

Well it really has been an age of man since I last updated my blog and this is because I have been REALLY busy but also because despite this I don't have much that I can actually show you yet.

As ever I have been collecting amazing drawings at the Sick Kids. Linda and I are working on a story about the hospital moving to Little France in 2017, and instead of making it into a book, I have been illustrating the work as a large drawings for the wall. Here is the first image in half-finished form. I have lots of work to do on it still, and I want to include a lot more of the young people's drawings.

I think my favourite bit is the dragon on the roof, although the lorry is also great. I drew some of it but it is hard to tell which bits really.

We are also working on a book of 20 postcards which I saw a proof of yesterday and it is going to look brilliant (and not just because I designed it). They will be available to all, for a donation. Here is one of them. It is from the story of Edward the Medical Notes, which is yet another project we are working on.

I have JUST finished a book for Penguin Young Readers and although it is top secret, here are two tiny bits of some pages. I like drawing animals but not necessarily anatomically correctly. This is cat and a dog.

Apart from all of this I have been doing lots of designing of stuff for Paper Tiger and Studio One. I have a pack of 6 Christmas cards coming soon to Paper Tiger, and also one for the Sick Kids so I will keep you updated about how to get your hands on these (in Paper Tiger, obviously). 

It has also been the season for book festivals, and indeed still is. Next week I will be in Elgin Library for the Spirit of Moray Festival, and the week after at Wigtown Book Festival. I had a great time at the Edinburgh International Book Festival with Lollipop and Grandpa author Penny Harper. It was our first event together and was brilliant fun getting the kids to invent dinosaurs.

Soon I will be able to show you the ace CD cover that I have designed for Fraser's band. They are called Titus Pullo and they are quite handsome.

I need a cup of tea after a morning at the Sick Kids Drop-In Centre with the First Minister of Scotland and some well behaved young artists. I will probably be on the news tonight with a fixed grin. I will go away now.

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