Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Following on from Jeremy Kyle, I am now drawing 'University Challenge' teams.
Co-incidentally, I have been asked to produce an illustration comparing uni students to art students and here are the results, as drawn from real-life episodes. Luckily this week the first ever art school appeared on the programme, making this commission a whole lot easier!
I am proud to be a double art school graduate!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Wee Exhibition in Bijou, Leith Links

My pal of many-a-year Miss Weezil Gribinson, or Liza Robinson as she is actually called, has kindly asked me to adorn the walls of her lovely little bistro 'Bijou' in Leith Links, Edinburgh, with some animals. Always eager to oblige, I am hanging my work on Thursday night. It is a small collection of animals and characters who featured in another exhibition I had last year with fellow illustrator Vicki Gausden.
They are all available to buy as digital prints for a very reasonable price!
Here is a lovely lion.

London Here I Come (again)

WOW! What a busy week I have lined up. After a kind of boring weekend I now have soooo much to do before Saturday, when I fly off to East Midlands Airport. There is a single launch gig on Saturday night to celebrate the release of Superevolver's single 'Viva La Revolution' (OUT ON MONDAY 8TH NOVEMBER, AVAILABLE ON I-TUNES SO BUY IT!) for which I did the artwork, and on Monday I am travelling to London to visit Walker Books. Exciting times!
This is one of the roughs for my book. It is a hedgehogs' equivalent of the side of my fridge where I keep all sorts of unimportant information and photos.