Monday, 9 June 2014

Radioactive hospital fun and other adventures

Here is another collection of good things to look at. It is meant to be summer now and I can't remember how many times I've had soggy feet through wearing sandals on the wrong day, but I have been having some lovely times in the sun too (this morning, not this afternoon, for example).

Sooooooo...what on earth have I even been doing since March? I don't know. I can't remember. I went to Paris, drew some book covers for ace books that are coming out next year (interior illustrations still to be done), became a lax member of a book group, watched my friend's band Book Group, visited a million primary schools with many metres of lining paper (my felts are RUINED), bought a new jacket and other non-related things like eating amazing food and reading my friends' YA books. Speaking of which...

I will start with this picture of me and Lari Don (who wrote a brilliant book called Mind Blind which I just read) in Kirkcaldy Galleries last week. We did a Breaking the Spell event and it was loads of fun. Lari is a fantastic storyteller and I draw what she says (apart from when she says 'horse'). Here we are with our book, out now in paperback!

I have finally finished the gamma camera decorating and I have now moved on to decorating the chemotherapy treatment rooms. I think a forest theme is happening in one and a beach theme in the other. Many months of work await me for this and it is exciting. Here are a couple of photos of the vinyls on the gamma camera and walls. It looks ace, even if I do say so myself.

Also at the hospital I have been making books with Linda and the kids, and drawing animals. I think this girl was copying me a bit...

Also illustrating a whole book because the girl we were working with had partially amputated a finger (a likely excuse!) was totally exhausting!

I have been collecting views from the existing hospital to maybe be used in an exhibition, and also in the new hospital. I like this one. It won't be quite so dramatic looking out the windows of the new hospital so I think it's important to save these views.

That's all my pictures for now. Here is a link instead
which is all about what I do all day and being an illustrator and books and stuff like that.

The end for now.

P.S. Sam, I miss you xxx