Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Here is the cover image for my new L&G book. I think this is my favourite book so far as there was a lot to draw and it was all fun. Not saying anymore about this book yet, apart from it is published in September this year and is really very sweet!

My dream...treehouse

I was asked to produce an illustration for a children's magazine by Hannah Foley. She is setting up her own company to publish this magazine (the name changes all the time so I am not too sure what it is this month!) and it looks to be great! I know other illustrators and authors who have contributed to it, all quality people!
This is my dream treehouse and is basically a self portrait in treehouse form! I need live music, food, swimming, sleep, art and travel to get me by. Oh, and books. And I would probably need somewhere to run but I used artistic licence on that one! I also need sunshine, so the trees are palm trees in Australia probably. I think I need a holiday...

Modern Faces Tour

My lovely friends in Modern Faces are doing not too bad for themselves! After supporting Kasabian last year, as well as The Charlatans, they are now well into a UK tour. They have an EP out on vinyl and are playing in Edinburgh on Friday this week. Check them out!


This morning I received my first advance copy of LOLLIPOP & GRANDPA GO SWIMMING. It feels like I just finished drawing this book (so many armbands to colour in...) and here it is already!
I like this story as it is set in a swimming pool, (obviously) which is an environment I am particularly at home in. I have dedicated this book to my best pals at swimming, Sandy and Charlie. They feature on a few pages, and can be seen swimming past the big blue whale. Sandy has been away for months getting his hip replaced with a better one, but I was very emotional when I saw him back in the pool yesterday. He's all fixed. 
I am almost finished with the next book in the series too, but then I have a rest from these cheeky characters. I will miss them.