Wednesday, 6 October 2010

And another fox......

Here is the grumpy fox again. He is searching for Harry and Barry the squirrel twins!

I am working on quite a mixture of stuff at the moment which is great. I am also really loving my time up at the art college with Kate, Casey, Juuuuuuuulia and Via. Haven't actually worked with any students yet but there's plenty of time for that! Just back from a full-on weekend of gigs in Dublin; wont be able to afford to go back there for a while, HOW expensive?!!! Still recovering from that. Time for a nap.......


Best brief in ages....I have been asked to produce the artwork for Leicester band Superevolver's new single, featuring Kasabian's Tom Meighan.
It will be released on November 8th and proceeds go to charity so make sure you download it!
This is the cover, and I am also busy producing a booklet for the inside of the CD when it is released.
I love Superevolver.