Friday, 19 March 2010

Drawing Book project

I have been working in 5 schools in Edinburgh for the past 3 weeks, alongside eca 2nd year illustration students and author Vivian French. We are working on a project called Drawing Book which consists of the writing and illustrating of one book per school, with the children contributing ideas and pictures. It has been really good fun (and hard work), and the images that we have come away with are hilarious. The students are also writing books, and all the work is to be exhibited in the Scottish Storytelling Centre from June 5th.

Sunset Song

I have no image for this on my work computer I'm afraid, but I have discovered this link to a project I have been working on with publishing students from Napier University. I have produced a book jacket design alongside 6 images for an ebook version of the story. You can see the kind of thing we have come up with on the banner to the blog below.