Monday, 17 June 2013

A very busy week

It is Monday lunchtime, so before I make my sandwiches and sit in the garden to top up my sun vitamins (a thing) I will tell you all about my week last week because it was fun, despite being ill with a stupid cold/cough.

The beginning of the week was spent napping, but once I got that out of my system I got to work and did MILLIONS of hours on the next Lollipop and Grandpa book. I have just sent all of the pages to my publisher which seems to have happened really fast this time. Here is a tiny peek at one page. I don't like the look of their Christmas dinner much really.

At the Sick Kids on Thursday Linda and I decided to run a drawing workshop and get the participants to draw a composition of carefully selected rank items from the charity shop. I became an obsessive hand washer immediately after this. Chris wasn't feeling very well at all, but he managed to do a really good drawing.

Then we have a lovely drawing that started off as observational and went completely off track and ended up as a girl flying into a tree. Nice.

This is my drawing. The objects were a camel made out of a camel, a bird thing that I added a golf ball hat to, and a piggy bank. All three things make me feel a bit sick to look at really.

On Saturday I went to participate in the Sick Kids Friends Foundation annual Teddy Toddle at Meadowbank stadium. The stadium itself is a little bit run down but I liked these seats which look a bit like people's faces.

Also I got asked to do a screen test for a new Bank of Scotland tv advert and for a quote for some scribbly drawings I did of Mark and Alison from The Hotel. They were fun things.
That's more than enough. Sadly I didn't see much of the pointy eared Fraser last week, but we did manage to laugh our way through a very nice curry and we probably went shopping, who knows. More curry tomorrow, yessssssss.

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