Wednesday, 18 July 2012


According to this it is Thursday (lie) but the rest is pretty accurate. I rediscovered this the other day. It was part of a series of daily rants I did in 2008. Typical that the weather is so terrible when I have free time that could be spent in my overgrown garden.

On a different note...

Yesterday I had no illustrating to do, and my mind went into a bit of a panic due to a lack of creative output (and too much daytime tv). I started to remember that I am also a printmaker and that last year I did millions of etchings which I wanted to look at. So I did, and then I started to work on them.
My Mum sadly has Alzheimer's and these etchings are about that, and also my obsession with memory which was the focus of my MDes work in 2007. I want to get these etchings to a point where they are suitable for exhibiting now so I'll spend some time working on them. This one here is kind of a starting point in a series of about 12 etchings.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Next year's resolution...

In the past year I have illustrated FOUR books, yes FOUR. That is a lot. But I am not exactly a natural author, so I have been working with people who are. I have never had an actual career goal ever before but I am determined that next year I will get to illustrate one of my own stories. I am currently working with my superagent Kathryn on a new story, and here is an illustration for that story. I'm quite excited about it all so let's hope that someone wants to publish it. Anyone..?

Good clients are good

For a year and a half now I have been working with lovely Paper Tiger and Studio One in Edinburgh as their not-in-house designer, and I get to do some really interesting stuff for them. Here is a snippet (what a great word) of one of my recent ads. Look out for it in their shops!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Monsters, Horses and Scottish things

This is a little bit of an image from the other book I am working on at the moment but it's all a secret!
This is a monster who is a bit upset about her baby being kidnapped by a lonely and mean crofter (it could happen!). More about this next year...

Lollipop & Grandpa 3!

Lollipop and Grandpa and the Wobbly Tooth is at the printers!!! It's not an easy feat to draw three books in one year but we are proud to have done it! This one is by far my favourite, and features a cheeky woodpecker, an elephant and a tug-o-war team. 
It will be published in just over two months and I will try to remember to announce this on my blog!
We are hoping that there will be more from Lollipop and Grandpa next year...

Update begins...NOW!

HELLO! I have just realised that it's been over 2 months since I have posted anything on my blog. I do this quite often and it's a habit I should put a stop to probably.
So...I will start with this exhibition.
TAKE FIVE ILLUSTRATORS is an exhibition currently running at the Scottish National Gallery, on the Mound in Edinburgh. It is on until the end of October so make sure you go see it.
The exhibitors all work in children's publishing and we are a lovely mixture of styles. Three of us are graduates and sometimes teachers at Edinburgh College of Art which makes me proud.
In addition to the exhibition we are all presenting a two hour masterclass for adults, and two reading and signing sessions for children. I am looking forward to mine which is on July 28th. All work is for sale, and there is merchandise in the shop! It's not a particularly well advertised exhibition, so to find it, enter the gallery by the garden entrance and pass all the cafes and desk and it's at the back in the education centre. Let me know what you think!