Thursday, 13 December 2012

Illustrator in Residence

I am very excited and also delighted to be able to say that I have been chosen to be Illustrator in residence at the Sick Kids hospital in Edinburgh, for the next 18 months!
It was a tough recruitment process but I got through it, and on the way I got to meet some of the children I might be working with and some of the lovely staff. 
I will be working with Linda Cracknell, who is Creative Writer in residence for two years. We have already come up with some great ideas for our project, and I will be writing about what happens as the residency takes shape on my blog.
I don't really have an image to add to this post that is relevant, but as I am going to be working with kids, here is a picture by a child that I am a big fan of. Drawn by someone at Gylemuir Primary School I think.