Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I was adjacent to a weasel

Hello everyone! Here is a collection of photographs of things that have happened in my life recently and have made me laugh and stuff.

First of all we have a lovely fat Tyrannosaurus Rex. He was the only good thing about the review of my new book in The Guardian. The silly Guardian forgot to mention me (sadface) so instead of being all proud upon my return from swimming I was furious for about 4 seconds, and then ate my breakfast and enjoyed Mr Fat Dinosaur being the star of the page. Here he is. Fat.

Hooray, this was fun. On Saturday I went for a stroll in the town with pointy eared Fraser. I do enjoy a look in the window of The Treasure Trove on Castle Street. It's a shop that sells things that old ladies have made at home and then brought in. Kind of a terrible Bagpuss shop but without the Mice, or Professor Yaffle or indeed Bagpuss. Imagine my joy when I spied THIS character. He is called £4.50 Hen and I like his one knotted leg and his poor stitching. I did not buy him because I want other people to enjoy looking at him in his lonely zoo.

Oh I am all out of order now. Before all of this happened I sat adjacent to a weasel. This place has a wardrobe full of cakes and I had a cheese scone with Marmite and Fraser had the biggest piece of cake in the universe with peanut butter in it.

And finally we have this lovely drawing of Noah's fantasy hospital. I was working at the Sick Kids yesterday and we did a good workshop about what makes a good hospital. Noah always does work for us and his imagination is amazing. I told him yesterday that he is going to be an illustrator but apparently he is going to be a footballer. Whatever. For disagreeing he didn't get a Vimto sweet. I ate them all.

So that's my week in photographs. What a lovely time I had. I hope your weeks are all going well too. Bye!

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FRIZZ said...

Fat T-Rex - love it, along with your witty writing style.