Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Lollipop and Grandpa are BACK!

I'm not sure what day it is, or indeed who the president of the United States is* at the moment, but I will make time to update my blog because I think it's fun.

This month I have been asked to do millions of other fun things too. Not only do I get to do loads of drawings and cover myself in ink, I will also appear on a panel of illustrators at a publishers' discussion group (I assume it will be exactly like Question Time), be offered as a prize in a competition with Scottish Book Trust (a dinosaur based event type prize, I should add) and go to London to see exciting people. 
It's important, as an Illustrator, to get out into the world of publishing and the related realm of books. I love doing all the chat stuff and talking about what I do because it is a pretty awesome job.

Quite excitingly...Lollipop and Grandpa are back for one more adventure and this one is great. It is set at Christmas which means I get to give them scarves again which I like a lot. Here is one of my 395727 scans. 

I always start my work with actual ink and paper like the old fashioned artist that I am. Then I spend a stupid amount of time scanning, during which time I drink gallons of tea and eat crisps. Then Photoshop makes it all look seamless and great. I like drawing Lollipop and Grandpa quite a lot which is just as well really.

Today it was warm and I was dressed for winter so I had my first iced coffee of the year, and a sosij sandwich and it was good. And if I didn't say that I enjoyed this delicious meal with Fraser then there would be something not right about my blog and he would cry.

*I do really.

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