Friday, 11 January 2013

Sick Kids Residency

This week I started as Illustrator in Residence at the Sick Kids Hospital in Edinburgh. I will be posting images as they are created, and keeping my blog far more up to date than usual.

I am working with Linda Cracknell, who has been Writer in Residence for the past six months. So far I have been trying to get my bearings in the hospital, and forgetting many names. We have plenty of really exciting plans, and I am keen to get started on everything as soon as I get my mountain of work finished. 

Plans include a picture book, a small illustrated book of poems, and lots of wall mounted work. We are also running workshops every week that we are there, and hoping to include Sciennes Primary School in some of our projects. So loads to do, but all extremely exciting for me! I think the 18 months are going to fly by, but we will have so much at the end of the residencies, and I hope that it will all be of great benefit to current and future patients of the hospital, their families and the Sick Kids Friends Foundation.

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