Friday, 4 January 2013

Discarded work

Hello there.
I hope you had a lovely festive time and are now back at work? Good. 
I have been working the whole time because my job isn't really like working.
Anyway...I have lots of exciting things going on. I am colouring in dinosaurs for Phoenix Yard, correcting a witch who was spinning incorrectly for Frances Lincoln, and getting ready to start my residency at the Sick Kids hospital here in Edinburgh. Just to give myself a bit of extra work, I have decided to do some brand new work for a forthcoming exhibition.
I have used the theme of 'Stuff lying on the studio floor' as my starting point, and have pulled out lots of old drawings that have either been discarded, or replaced by other drawings. This owl above was one of five that didn't get used on a wedding invitation because the others were better. Get the idea?
Other images include an old man bending down to strangle a hen (not really, I think he is going to pat him on the head) and a boy underwater, looking at some fish.
We will be blogging about the exhibition at some point, I'm sure. We are hanging it in a matter of days for goodness sake!
Better get back to my dinosaurs.

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