Friday, 25 January 2013

Ostriches and stethoscopes and beaches and things

This week I have been working on a huge variety of things, including finishing (fingers crossed) two books, visiting a primary school, illustrating a story for valentines day and agreeing to take part in events from now until September.
Here we have (above) some drawings by Jake and Cameron. I really like drawings of animals, and these are particularly great I thought.

Next is a small detail from a card that Linda and I are working on for the Sick Kids hospital. Linda wrote a story last week and we are hoping to get it all printed as a card, in time to hand out on valentines day which is when we are next in the hospital.

And finally...a little bit of my favourite page of Lollipop and Grandpa's Dinosaur Hunt! As ever, silly Grandpa has taken Lollipop off on a crazy adventure. This time they are at the Jurassic Coast so it's not hard to imagine what happens when Grandpa sets off to prove to Lollipop that dinosaurs aren't actually extinct. I think this book (FOURTH in the series!) will be out around April, or maybe I made that up.

Today I am wearing a bobble hat in my studio. I like my bobble hat so I don't really mind that it's so flipping cold. I will now draw some more things...

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