Friday, 8 March 2013

School MEals and a rabbit in odd socks

For the past few months I have been working with Vivian French, the level 2 illustration students of Edinburgh College of Art, and the P3/4s and P7s of Dalmeny Primary School. We have been writing recipes to instruct people how we would be created. Mine involved napping, swimming pools and lots of ink, amongst other ingredients.
Last week we had a great morning at the art college. All the pupils involved came to visit, and we had a big table full of plates which illustrated the recipes. We also had another table full of cake and I think that was my favourite one actually.
Here is a poster that I made. I contains self portraits of all the children involved. Some of them are peas and some of them are carrots and some of them are splats of custard. One of them looks like a criminal in the making, but I'm pretty sure he's not. 

As well as working on this project above, I have also been at the Sick Kids this week. There is a lot of planning going on still at this stage, so we concentrated on that this week. I now have a mountain of drawing to get done so that I can take in some Easter cards to hand out, and a special book for a boy who is struggling to have his injections. It really means a lot to me that Linda and I might be able to help him a little bit. Linda has written a lovely poem for the Easter card so today will be spent illustrating that. Here is a rabbit close-up from an illustration for a poem written by a patient at the Sick Kids. He wears odd socks and hides them under rocks apparently. I like his feet quite a lot.

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