Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Last weekend I took part in the excellent REDISCOVER events which happened all over Dumfries and Galloway. I did two events on Saturday in Castle Douglas library and St John's Town of Dalry library. They were both excellent fun; the kids were really up for drawing and listening, and the librarian at Dalry stepped in when I lost my voice from too much talking. 
On Sunday I was based at the Mersehead RSPB reserve, and after a beautiful drive I was blown away by the beautiful scenery. It was literally breathtaking. One minute I was in a wood surrounded by hills, the next minute I was on a beach that wouldn't have looked out of place in New Zealand.
NOW I realise that I got eaten alive by midges but I can live with that, it was worth it (although I'm not leaving the house until the one on my forehead goes down a bit).
Being an illustrator can be so studio based, and as much as I love that, being out in the fresh country air and away from the city has really removed any pent up city anger! I need to do this more often. It's also a great way to meet your audience, and to steal ideas from them (thanks Matthew!). I would certainly encourage any illustrators who get invited along to these events to do them. Don't be scared!

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