Tuesday, 25 March 2014

5 months later...

I have not done a blog in ages because I am rubbish. Lots of thing I am working on are not going to be published for either a while or absolutely ages, so that can't be on here yet. What I can show off is all the billions of work I have been doing with lots and lots of kids. They are mostly brilliant pieces of art and deserve to be seen, so here are some now.

Firstly I have some amazing drawings from Towerbank Primary School in Portobello. I was working there with eca illustration students as part of a collaboration called Drawing Book. This is the 5th year that this has run, and I love it because I get to work with my pretend Mum, the amazing Vivian French, and Mr Jonathan Gibbs from eca. This is usually the 2nd year students' first experience of working with children and on the whole it goes pretty well.

This guy at the bottom knows a thing or two about drawing monsters. I love that he draws with a biro!

Last week I went to Maddiston Primary School in Falkirk and had the best morning ever with Heather from the Scottish Book Trust. I worked with 55 P2s, explaining the processes involved in the production of a picture book and I was so impressed with their storyboards.
In the hall was a wall covered in billions of book reviews about two Lollipop and Grandpa books. Here are some of them. It's really interesting to see which bits of my drawings they liked and copied. These kids can draw!

I am pleased to announce that my residency at the Sick Kids has been extended by a further two years, and will now run until June 2016 YAY! Here is a cheetah and a giraffe that were drawn on Ward 1 a while ago now.



Also here is the finished, mounted, framed and hung drawing that I was working on for months and months. It is called 'How would you move a hospital?' and that pretty much describes the contents of the drawing. It was done by me and also lots of patients and staff of the hospital. On the left there is a smaller framed print which explains the drawing's individual elements. If you should ever find yourself in the hospital, they are next to the pharmacy.

And one more thing because I am super-proud of it...the gamma camera! Months in the making and almost finished. We have a very important person coming to open the room in the next few months so I will probably blog about that. I was given the task of making this massive scanner less imposing and here is the room about halfway through the installation. It's still not quite finished but it's almost there. I am now a vinyl application expert.

Ok that's more than enough of that. I will get more stuff up here so you can see what I get up to outside the world of book illustration. My time in the studio is great, but I do love being out and about and doing all this other unusual and interesting stuff. I go mad if I stay on my own for more than one day. And on that note I am going shopping. BYE!


Anonymous said...

Hello. Do you still live in the same place? I always read your blog. I love your stuff. Who's Fraser?!
Love you loads, Sam

Cate James Freelance Illustrator & Hand Lettering Artist said...

SAM?! I miss you so much! Still in the same place. Think and talk about you loads, but not in a weird way. Where are you?