Monday, 1 November 2010

London Here I Come (again)

WOW! What a busy week I have lined up. After a kind of boring weekend I now have soooo much to do before Saturday, when I fly off to East Midlands Airport. There is a single launch gig on Saturday night to celebrate the release of Superevolver's single 'Viva La Revolution' (OUT ON MONDAY 8TH NOVEMBER, AVAILABLE ON I-TUNES SO BUY IT!) for which I did the artwork, and on Monday I am travelling to London to visit Walker Books. Exciting times!
This is one of the roughs for my book. It is a hedgehogs' equivalent of the side of my fridge where I keep all sorts of unimportant information and photos.


Kristyna litten said...

good luck on Monday, hope it goes well.

Cate said...

Thanks love!
Maybe I should drop in on Menna and print thousands of zines while I'm down there?!!
Hope you are getting millions of work.