Thursday, 20 May 2010

Drawing Book Poster

Hooray! Here is a great poster advertising the Drawing Book exhibition.
I love the drawing of the man and the pencil which I photographed during playtime at one of the schools we worked in. I have to confess that I didn't have many letters drawn by the kids, so I got some of the illustration masters students to help me out by drawing half of them. I think it's hard to tell which ones are which though which says a lot for the talents of Holly and Casey!
It's a lovely sunny day today and I think it's time for an ice cream and a sit on the balcony with the best views in Edinburgh. Lucky me!


hol said...

The best letter is the 'R' and that is mine! Really I think the 'N' is good because it's a snake. And you hate ssssssssnakes!

kasia said...

Hi Cate with a C!Love your fox on wheels. I thought I hated foxes but this one is lovely.